Monday, December 5, 2011

Questioning - Westlandia

This is the last week of teaching for my student teacher, and she is ending strong. We started our next month's strategy last week: Questioning. This was her next lesson to introduce that we ask questions throughout reading, as well as reviewing that there can be thick and thin questions.

I have briefly read this book...but it is fabulous for many strategies:

To start off the lesson she used their knowledge on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to ask thick and thin questions to help students see the difference:
1. Who are the characters? (thin)
2. Do you think Goldilocks will break into another house again? (thick)
3. Where did the story take place? (thin)
4. What will happen when Goldilocks gets home? (thick)

She then had them ask some questions after looking at the cover and reading the plot description, and wrote some of them on a T-chart she had labeled Thin Questions/ Thick Questions.
Students wrote this chart in their reader's notebook.
As they read Westlandia, they wrote down questions and put it under thick or thin question. The teacher also thought aloud some questions she may have and what kind of question it could be. Students shared their questions periodically.

At the end, each student was given a post it note and wrote their favorite question  they made while reading on it, and then came up to the t chart and put it on the large chart. This was a great quick way to see if they understood the lesson. It was great! Students were very into the story as well, so it made questioning very easy.

Fun discovery! My student teacher said that she was exploring on the ALL section on Pinterest and one of my pictures from my blog on Idioms was on there!!! WOW!!! thanks to all who follow and share these ideas with others!