Friday, March 8, 2013

Author Visit...and Balancing New Life Priorities

Life has certainly changed since the last post. I have this little girl keeping me busy:
She turns 7 months tomorrow...boy has time flown by....and it is amazing how quickly life can change when your focus is not just on yourself.

I was always the teacher that was first in and last to leave. Now, I am first there, first to leave. Thanks to a fabulous friend and now baby sitter, we can bring in L at an early hour. I am a morning person and get a lot done in the morning, and it allows me to leave as soon as the kids do at the end of the day.

I was the teacher that always put the extra added touch to things. Now, I am lucky to get what is needed done. It has really made me reach out and get more inspiration and help from other teachers. I no longer see this as a negative, but has helped me diversify my teaching.

I was the teacher that parents thought was too young and inexperienced with understanding what it means to discipline and have a family. Now, it is amazing the difference talking with parents now with them knowing I have a baby at home...dramatic really. I also have a new found respect for them...and makes me worried about the type of parent I will be when L is in fourth grade.

I was the teacher that loved planning and coming up with creative ideas. Now, I am still that teacher, but I am finding my heart is leaning other directions related to teaching and being there for kids. We will see what this brings in the coming months.

For now, I am being inspired by current author visits. Barbara O'Connor visited our school this week and to the students it was like a celebrity came into town! They were wide eyed and attention grabbed as they listened to Barbara tell some of her tricks to writing...many of them we have learned in class. I reminded my students of the lessons we learned that matched what she was talking about....and made the comment, "how cool that we are already doing what Barbara mention!" ...but then I get, "but Mrs. Batta, it was cool hearing it from a real writer!"

Ouch...guess we need to go back to the lesson on how we are all real writers...but I know what he meant :) But, I will take Mrs. O'Connor's advice and show my students this...versus just telling them all the time.

Until next time!


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