Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fireflies! Visualization Wheel

We ended our month on visualization by touching back on the point that visualization is like a movie in your head when  you read. We found graphic organizers that looked like movie reels, and decided to use a favorite book: Fireflies! This book is filled with gems...can be used for soo much in teaching.

Students listed to the story and looked at the pictures. We then put the book aside and had students summarize the book into eight major events (great preview to the summarization strategy). After writing the events on the board, we passed out the movie reel graphic organizers and instructed students to draw a scene for each of these events based on what they visualized after reading the book. Here is what we got back:

Visualization is so much fun!

This week we are starting our unit on non fiction and main idea and more to come this week!

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