Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to ReadLearnTeachLife!

The day has finally come...I have started a blog. I never saw the reason behind it. I thought it too "putting your life out there for the public to see." As I am now becoming an avid blog reader, I now see how easy and practical it would be for me to start my own, by sharing my own thoughts and ideas. All of you teachers out there may understand our lack of time to do much beyond lesson plan and grade, on top of doing daily life. Therefore it may seem crazy that I add managing a blog on top of it all.

What I have learned in my five years of teaching, is that it is important to reflect. I see this blog as a way for me to take five minutes in my date...maybe not everyday...to reflect. It may be a lesson I did that day, a book I have read, or a fun "lesson" learned.

My first reflection...the title of my blog. It took a couple of minutes to really brainstorm something that I thought reflected what this blog would be about. I have so many friends that have such fabulous witty names for their blogs. This thought really got in the way of having a clear mind to come up with something. Here is my thinking: Each word shows a topic that I will possibly talk about, but it also shows the process a teacher goes through. First we read and research, we learn the new content, then we go off and teach it. Funny enough...that new concept shows up in our everyday life...or rather we need to make sure we have a life outside teaching as well!

So no HUGE revelations or ideas for this first post...just a WELCOME post! Be patient with me as I explore this new world of blogging. I would love tips and suggestions along the way to keep everything up to date.


  1. Yay! Congrats on your blog, honey! Now other folks can catch a glimpse of what I get to actually talk to you about. :)

    I think you can be an inspiration for others and I love that you're sharing!

    -Your husband

  2. Thanks for sharing Laura! I look forward to reading your future posts and reflecting with you.