Monday, October 10, 2011

Visualizing to Timelines

Today I have to give all the credit to my student teacher :)
It is so refreshing to watch new ideas at work.

In reading today, she read aloud the book Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant. While students listened they wrote down details that helped them visualize the scarecrow. Things like: birds on arms, button eyes, rough clothing, pumpkins all around, worm at his lapel, and a constant smile. Students were then given time to put their words into color and created a picture of the scarecrow they visualized. They were to then write 2-3 sentences explaining why they drew the scarecrow the way they did. Here is what they produced:



In social studies we focused on transportation time lines and how transportation helped Ohio. Students were given a time line, a series of reading strips, and pictures of the type of transportation. They were to read the reading strip find the picture that went with the reading and put it on the time line according to the date they read in the reading. 

My student teacher wanted them to talk about why that transportation was important, but they didn't :( Therefore we reflected that we should have had them write a quick sentence on the timeline on why that form a transportation was important. While students love to can't force them to.

Tomorrow we are doing more writing with our stay tuned!

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