Sunday, October 9, 2011

Strong Journey Day One - Fill Er' Up

For the next six weeks our church is going through an all church journey called STRONG. How does God spiritually strengthen us?
Week One: Play
It's amazing how wrapped up we are in always trying to be productive. I actually felt bad about being in my pajamas on Saturday until 3pm, only getting some reading done and completing a blog post. I rarely ever do something like that, but it felt really good to just rest. Why can't we be ok doing that every once in a while. Now, I know some of you may have no problem with that...but for us type A's that constantly need to be doing something, we need to focus on this.
I thought it was fabulous then that the first week of our church journey was on PLAY. Our pastor focused on the following points:
1. replenishes power
2. puts me in my place - I am not in control
3. stokes passion
4. purges unhealthy desires
5. pleases God
Taking these into consideration...I don't think I put enough time into play.
Part of the journey is for us to complete five challenge cards. Today's card I chose was to list all the things I like to do to refresh and energize myself. I thought this would be easy...but found my list to be very short. My time has been soo focused on work, I haven't focused on finding the things I love to do beyond work. Now, I'm not totally out of tune. I do love reading a book and grabbing a cup of coffee, but I don't think I do anything that falls underneath "play". I see all the things I do as just relaxing. So I feel like this week I really want to focus on this.
My husband and I took our first step and spent the after noon at the park:

A little sunshine, reading, writing and reflecting led us to a great list of things we can do individually and things we can do together to make sure we take time to play. For example: dancing, going to the park (more often), running together, and reading among other things. 
So what do you do for fun? Do you still play as an adult? If not...think about it!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Laura. It really is important to lighten up and have fun enjoying this wonderful life God has given us. I always struggle to make fun a priority, but I always feel better after doing something purely for fun. It's sad to me that I sometimes even encounter children who don't know how to play and have fun. They sometimes have to taught....interesting. thanks for the food for thought!